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Meet Danielle Zeis

Paid Media Campaign Manager & Ambassador of Opluence
danielle@goelastic.com / (314) 346-8998 / twitter.com/goelastic

Favorite Things


  • Paid media strategy
  • Podcast recommendations
  • Campaign optimization and reporting
  • Laughing at bad puns
  • Copywriting
  • Oboe

The Fine Print

Danielle Zeis started on the paid media team at Elasticity in May of 2017. Prior to Elasticity, she worked in marketing at the Saint Louis Art Museum where she handled paid media strategy, budget and vendor negotiations, reporting and analytics and distilling high-brow academic art knowledge into stuff regular people can understand.

Danielle is excited to be on the agency side of paid media where she can soak in all the information her brain can handle. She enjoys gaining insight into what works best for each unique objective by getting in the thick of data for all creative elements. She also loves reading up on the newest trends and best practices to ensure paid media strategies remain efficient and relevant.

A true fine art connoisseur, Danielle attended Webster University where she received a dual degree in marketing and oboe performance. When she’s not devouring spreadsheets, you can catch her hanging out with her Boston Terrier, Sylvia, or having heated discussions about the political undertones of Dmitri Shostakovich’s orchestral work.