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Branding & Identity

Branding and Identity

Your Brand is Your Reputation

Brand is the totality of the “person” — aesthetics, personality, perceptions, tweets and posts. It’s everything and then some.

At Elasticity, we create brands’ compelling stories, personalities and values, which are designed to create authentic connections with consumers. We don’t just create a logo or a snappy campaign, we tell your complete story.

Our proven process built from over a decade of branding work spanning from large corporations, to start-up entrepreneurs, regional economic development initiatives and grassroots movements, has resulted in a culmination of brand experiences that are authentic, fluid and unique.

Branding & Identity Capabilities

Brand Discovery

Through research, analysis and competitive audits, we work to understand your unique brand position and how to best differentiate it in the marketplace.

Brand Translation

Brand Personality + Image Attributes + Positioning Statement = Brand Platform. At Elasticity, we identify the unique value of your brand and work to clearly define a brand platform that connects with your target audience.

Brand Execution

Our brand process allows us to deliver an integrated brand experience (through research, strategy and creative) that is both effective AND measurable.