Longer Search Queries Are Becoming the Norm – Are You Doing What it Takes to Stand Out?

If you don’t use search engine marketing as a business, it’s like shutting down your ice cream shop from May through September. And you know what that makes you? A fool.

Dive into The New Long Tail of Search Marketing Strategy. It will help you understand not just how to use search, but a more granular way of getting to the hand raisers who want to buy, but just don’t yet know you’re the right person to buy from. And when you’re done reading, reach out to us. We’d love to answer your questions or perhaps even help you start converting some of those long-tail searchers into long-time customers.

Get answers to:


  • What is long-tail search marketing?
  • The importance of long-tail search marketing
  • The new way of search
  • Identifying user-intent
  • Applying the long tail to your search marketing efforts
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