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Read This Before You Chug the Long-Form Content Kool-Aid

A few weeks ago, SEO guru/ninja/hacker/expert Brian Dean of Backinko published an admittedly intriguing article: “We Analyzed 912 Million Blog Posts. Here’s What We Learned About Content Marketing.” Dean, whose […]

Why I Chose Elasticity

If you would’ve asked me last year if I thought I’d end up working full-time for Elasticity, I might have said no. I arrived at 1008 Locust St., overeager and […]

Take it From Jeff Bezos: Focus On Things That Don’t Change

Within the last eight weeks, Facebook rolled out GIF-supported polls, introduced sponsored messages, and altered its algorithm yet gain. Snapchat launched location-based context cards, Instagram introduced its own version of […]

Sorry, We Can’t Market That

“Market my business!” … “Make this go viral!” … “Get me featured in [insert publication]!” These are just a few of the requests a marketing communications agency will receive from entrepreneurs […]

One Book Every Media Consumer Must Read

In 2009, Ryan Holiday purchased a series of billboards scattered throughout Los Angeles to promote his client Tucker Max’s film “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” but this was […]

Mastering the Art of Strategic Storytelling

The great Russian Novelist Leo Tolstoy defined art as “an infection” in his 1897 book What is Art? Good art, he explained, infects the audience with the storyteller’s emotions and […]