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Mi Casa es tu Casa

Hispanic Americans are especially close to their families – not just emotionally, but physically. A variety of research* demonstrates that: Hispanic Americans are more likely than any other group in […]

2+2=5 When Complementary Campaigns Succeed

In 2016, while working as creative director at the agency Richards Lerma, I helped develop a campaign for Avocados From Mexico that was recently awarded a Gold Sun at FIAP […]

The Multicultural Marketing Champion: Heineken

Who is the multicultural marketing champion? It is certainly Heineken. During the next two weeks, the days when Heineken will be most consumed are not on weekends as most would […]

How Diverse Is Your Brand?

From smartphones to tablets to smart TVs – consumers are now faced with more choices than ever thanks to advances in technology and an increasingly diverse population. But there are […]

Super Bowl Offers Diversity Test By Fire

Perhaps the most American of holidays has now come and gone – the Super Bowl. And regardless of whether we like football, we always have the television commercials – especially […]