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Humanizing Social Media Community Management

Most brands today understand the importance of how social media and customer service play an increasingly integrated and integral role in the health of their business. Unfortunately, not all brands […]

Four Quick Tips To Enhance Your Twitter Experience

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Twitter engagement and getting followers let’s get turnt up (in other words let’s keep learning )! These four steps will help you step up […]

The practical guide to using #hashtags

Everyone uses them today (some people even overuse them), but hashtags are here to stay. Before you decide to #YourNextTweet, let’s take a look at where this trend came from […]

Ashton Beck: #WhyIJoinedElastcity

After graduating college in 2006 I knew I wanted to work in either marketing or technology. My ultimate goals were to find a place I was valued as a member […]