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A Plea to MTC to Move Past the Zero-Sum Game

Do the hard thing and continue to compete on innovation and competition rather than on regulation. We’re a capitalist society. We believe in competition and the marketplace. We believe that […]

The definitive answer to “Why a panda?”

Long before Tagawa “Peter” Panda was credited with coining the phrase “social media” and prior to his foggy past on the Chinese game reserve, he was conceived in a St. […]

Moving from Movement Marketing

People are lazy. Everyday, I try to tell myself that isn’t true (and in a lot of cases it isn’t).  But taken in aggregate, the odds are stacked towards the […]

The Value of Community Management

It’s community manager appreciation day.  Or something like that — something the social media community made up to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.  It’s a […]

Elasticity’s New Web Site

The new Elasticity site ‘launched’, so to speak, on a quiet, albeit rainy afternoon in April. No big announcements, no party hats or bullhorns. Just a quick “it’s up!”, a […]

Pitching the BHAG

Agency life has a lot of pros and cons. One of those pros is pitching. There is no more emotionally raw practice in business than putting your best ideas out […]

Content Marketing and the Hot Chick at the Bar

I’m a sucker for parody. Especially smart, insightful parody that doesn’t hit you over the head. The other night, I was watching a skit called “The Hunk” that was poking […]

I Miss You Already, Steve Jobs

It’s been less than two hours since I first heard that Steve Jobs had passed away, and already I feel lonely. Already, I feel that the earth has gotten a […]

Edgerank for Brands and Agencies

Search marketing is big business. And why not? We’ve worked with clients that can monetize the traffic they get from searches placed in the major engines, as well as the […]

Thank You, Clients (and Friends)

We are a small collection of diverse skills and we make a living by creating and executing ideas for people/companies that pay us. That would make us an agency, a […]

Should I do a Groupon?

There has been a lot said about Groupon. And the concept of a Groupon or a blog post on Groupon is certainly not a new thing considering there are more […]

Viva La Idea

Our company, Elasticity, recently bought itself back from our early investors and launched a new logo in celebration of the possibilities of the new company. Central to that logo is […]

We’re Moving

More details to come, but we’re excited about moving into our new building. Take a look.

Will Facebook Places Have Relevancy?

So is your Facebook page filled with check-in posts now? Ah, yes. Thank you, Facebook Places. My news stream just got a whole lot less relevant to me. For those […]