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Is the Press Release dead or alive?

Recently, I took a reporter from Switzerland around St. Louis to visit various elements of the rather vibrant startup ecosystem in the region. And press releases somehow became a running […]

You’re In PR? You have no self-esteem.

So, congratulations. You’re a PR flack. You get to guide your clients or your company through the minefield that is today’s media environment. Gone are the days when PR was […]

Mark Sutherland: #WhyIJoinedElasticity

“These guys think just like you.” With these words, my curiosity was piqued. Because, let’s face it, my thought processes are out there at times, and when someone tells me […]

Notice to America Regarding Independence Day

NOTICE OF REVOCATION OF INDEPENDENCE (with apologies to the creative genius who first wrote this and claimed it was written by John Cleese) To the citizens of the United States […]

Social Media – A Powerful Tool for Good

Another election is behind us, and once again we saw social media play a significant role in connecting, motivating, reminding, harassing, hating, loving, pontificating, annoying and more. So now, after […]

Why Should a Company Care About Social Media?

Social media is everywhere, in many forms. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and on and on, with new creations coming along quite often. And people are usually […]


Your company is under attack. A daily barrage of criticisms, vitriol, and downright nasty comments are being flung your way using social media. You are Satan. You are evil. Your […]

Who Controls Your Company’s Reputation?

So, who controls your company’s reputation? Is it your sales guys? Your public relations department? Your government relations team? Your CEO? The answer is yes to all of these of […]