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Dirty Deeds Done Cheap (And For Charity!)

Y’all know I love a good for-profit meets non-profit win-win situation. And I just found a new one. Jenn Cloud is letting anyone hire her for $20 on one day only (today, […]

Malarious: Donation-Gating Content

This post was originally posted on Armchair Advocates. I stumbled across an interesting campaign recently that I’d like to explore. It’s called Malarious, and it’s an effort between the website College Humor, Malaria […]

Intern Position Up For Grabs!

Calling all humans! Elasticity is seeking a kickass intern (paid)! Okay, not ALL humans. We do have some qualifications. See below, and please sing along out loud to the tune […]

I Poop In Toilet for CafePress

As the inventor of social media, I was recently asked to do something uncomfortable — but not altogether unique for my tastes — for our new client at CafePress in introducing […]

Emma Klues: #WhyIJoinedElasticity

#WhyIJoinedElasticity Not because I am lazy, but because I truly think it still stands, I present to the interwebs my original, unaltered cover letter to Elasticity from February 2011. Most […]

The Phenomenon of Pinterest Culture

Pinterest is fascinating because it has created a reputation for itself to the point that people who dislike it and/or don’t know it still talk about it digitally, a lot. […]

We’re Hiring a Social Media Community Manager!

Elasticity is looking for digitally savvy, socially connected, sarcastic, tired-of-the-same old BS, let’s do something no one else is doing kind of people. We’re young…even in dog years…and growing, so […]

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Pledgeit

My latest find on the interwebs is Pledgeit; it’s a new charity crowd funding site “formed by a heady mix of social media, peer pressure, and fundraising”, says their website. […]

CentUp: A Win Win Win?

A piece of technology is launching in a few months that uniquely benefits the following groups: a) those who produce web content; b) those who consume it and c) charitable […]

A Facebook Post is Not a Billboard

As brands become content providers on their owned media channels, they must evolve the way they communicate with their audiences. A Facebook post is not a billboard; a Tweet is […]

Why (Great) Content Matters

Five to ten years ago, every agency was calling themselves a “social” agency or an “engagement” agency. Now, the new buzzword on the block is “content” agency. While this is […]

The King Has No Clothes

Everyone and their unpaid intern saw the @BurgerKing fiasco yesterday while gnawing on their roast beef sub and immediately jumped the “let’s all make snide remarks” shark. In fact, Mashable […]

The Onion Skewers Social Media Practitioners

Truth be told, I’m an unabashed fan of The Onion. It is, after all, “America’s finest news source.” In recent years The Onion has done a tremendous job in expanding […]

It’s All Happening: Rally Saint Louis

It’s hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago the Rally Saint Louis kickoff event finally happened. As a new-hire with Elasticity, Rally Saint Louis was one of […]

Elasticity Hires Scotsman Sutherland to Class Up Joint


Elasticity Means Serious Business

As proclaimed in today’s St. Louis Business Journal, we’re serious about making social media fun, engaging, exciting and relevant. We create innovative and triangulated campaigns that will make you laugh, […]

Jumping the Shark in Cause Marketing

Taking a note from one of Steve Drake’s posts this spring about Earth Day “jumping the shark”, I wanted to explore the idea of the moment when cause marketing can […]

Goodbye Google Places, Hello Google+

his week, Google announced the end of Google Places. In their place, Google has introduced Google+ Local Pages. On May 30, 2012, Google automatically transferred over 80 million of the […]

Cause Marketing: There’s Now An App For That

Have you checked out this app? In their own words, Cause.it connects cause with commerce in your community. It’s Sparked + Groupon but local. In short, users can complete volunteering […]

Crisis Management in a Digital World

When the captain of Jet Blue flipped out during a flight to Las Vegas, it was cell phone video from the inside of the plane that made the story the […]

PR Strategy from Al-Qaeda: Don’t Trust MSNBC!

The release of documents from Osama Bin Laden’s crashpad in Pakistan gives a fascinating look at PR strategy, Al-Qaeda-style. In a long document Al Qaeda’s American spokesman Adam Gadahn sent […]

Facebook, They Are A-changin’

“Come gather ’round people, wherever you roam, and admit that the waters around you have grown. And accept it that soon, you’ll be drenched to the bone. If your time […]

Happy New Year! Our Predictions for 2012

Welcome to 2012! That means it’s time for Elasticity’s fearless predictions for the world of media and other issues in the coming year. Take these to the bank: Online: Augmented […]

Ch-ch-ch-changes on Facebook

Dearest Blog Readers, As you’ve probably noticed, Facebook is in the midst of some major changes. As always, we are diligently reading, monitoring, experimenting and analyzing to be on top […]

Cause Matters.

Yesterday, I dumped on Tupperware and their cause marketing that was, in my opinion, less than cohesive. But I do think that most companies trying to do cause marketing do […]

Tupperware proves that bad cause marketing exists.

Tupperware has a new campaign on a separate Facebook page called “Chain of Confidence” to “honor women around the world and the profound, life altering impact that they can have […]

Charitable Clicking

We’ve all seen Facebook Cause pages and nonprofits adopting social media presences, text-to-donate campaigns and online giving programs. What’s interesting is to see the systems and start-ups that evolve in […]

Next uprising? Look to the mobile phones

Stat of the day: Eqypt’s cellphone penetration exploded in ’09-’10, going from 52.2% of all citizens in Dec. 2008 to 80.8% in Sept. 2010. At the same time, its Internet […]

Twitter as the DVR killer

Forget about Egypt, it has taken Howard Stern to move Twitter up a notch in the cultural conversation. He just started Tweeting, a move that has brought in a whole […]

Who delivers the mailman’s email?

Pitney Bowes is launching Volly, a service that integrates physical mail into digital documents for companies. Which leads us to wonder when the USPS will do the same thing and […]

Some crack predictions for 2011

Some strategic guesses at trends we will be talking about a year from now: Search: Companies will find that their search results will be increasingly influenced by users’ social network […]

Simple media query, good interview, bad headline

It seemed like a simple query from a respectable journalist at a respectable media outlet: “Teen’s first tan is usually with Mom” “A recent study showed that 40 percent of […]