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What Your Content Needs is a Hook

What’s the difference between content that is read and content that is passed over? To know the answer, let’s phrase the question differently: What’s the difference between a book you […]

Do you have Digital Sense? Get some here!

As time goes on in the digital space, several overarching best-practice themes have emerged. Be customer-centric. Engage with your stakeholders. Build systems to optimize around your business. Measure your returns, […]

Your One-Week Facebook Live Challenge

Let me guess: You’re nervous about using Facebook Live for your business. You think you have to do a lot of preparation. You need some fancy camera or lighting. You […]

Marketing’s Magic is in the Medium

The marketing mix is a peculiar thing. If you don’t have the right price, you’re doomed. If you don’t have the right product for the audience in question … doomed. […]

How I Learned the Holiday Spirit

One of my best friends in the world when I was a kid was a neighborhood boy named David. He didn’t like hanging out with the troublemakers in his apartment […]

Will the Witch Hunt of Fake News Kill Satire?

Much consternation has occurred in recent weeks over the proliferation of fake news sites and their unintended consequences on the U.S. presidential election (or intended consequences, if you’re a conspiracy […]

The 5% Method of Optimizing Your Marketing

We live in a sea of noise. Whether it’s the cacophony of it that is our social media feeds or the multitasking nightmare of our daily to-do list, there never […]

What’s Your Digital Value Proposition

There’s a good chance that, if you’ve been with your company for any amount of time, you can recite its value proposition. It’s the core reason people would choose to […]

What We Can Learn from Internet Celebrities

Ayesha Curry is a bad example of a so called “internet celebrity”, but she is one nonetheless. I say she’s a bad example because she is also the wife of NBA […]

The Key to Happy Social Media Measurement

There are two primary types of marketing. Brand marketing is all about getting more people to know who you are, to understand what problem you solve and to perhaps connect […]

Marketing Can (and Should) Inspire and Convert

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of marketing: Brand marketing and direct response marketing. Brand marketing is about awareness and relationships. It gets an audience in your funnel (or gets […]

The Hard Truths of Mid-Market Influencer Marketing

If someone hasn’t pitched your business something in the social media world that includes or is focused on influencer marketing, you’re talking to the wrong agencies. Influencers — people with […]

A Brilliant Example of Help, Then Sell

The hypocrisy of social media marketers is normally subtle. But, from time to time, it walks up to you, smiles and punches you in the face. For years, most either […]

The Three Ways To Measure Social Media

According to the Forrester brief on improving social marketing maturity, chief marketing officers are being judged on three primary key performance indicators (KPIs), especially when brands measure social media. Those are: […]

The Shocking Truth About Your Social Audiences

What if I told you your social audiences — those on Facebook vs. Twitter, for example — were not only not the same, but were starkly different? Would it make you […]

Your Next Big Hire Should Be a Broadcaster

Facebook Live is quickly becoming the mechanism du jour of the social media set. Snapchat is still all the rave. Podcasting’s second surge seems to have taken a bigger hold […]

What Humanizing Your Brand Looks Like

In 2008, Frank Eliason jumped into online conversations about Comcast and became one of the first social customer service professionals out there. Other than Lionel Menchaca at Dell and a handful […]

Elasticity Welcomes Louisville Marketing Veteran Tarquinio

Elasticity’s presence in Louisville continues to grow as Christine (Horn) Tarquinio has joined in the role of senior account manager, greatly enhancing the firm’s experience and client services in the region. Tarquinio […]

Social Listening Can Inform Your Marketing Creative

Note: This post originally appeared at JasonFalls.com. The case studies around social listening always fascinate me. Even the tried-and-true customer service saves that make everyone feel warm and fuzzy about […]

Is Paid Social Content the Downfall of Brands?

A Fortune 500 social media director and I were chatting last week and she said something quite profound. We were talking about her brand’s approach to organic vs. paid social […]

DrumUp Offers Simple, Easy Social Sharing

There’s another social content curation and sharing app out there called DrumUp (http://drumup.io). Like Buffer, LockerDome, Edgar and others, it allows you to proactively post or reactively share content recommended to […]

Where Social Media Monitoring Fails

If your company has been leveraging social media marketing at all, you’re probably performing some sort of social media monitoring. This is the process of searching and scanning the web […]

The 2016 Marketing Pricing Guide

Editor’s Note: This is a revised version of Jason’s 2015 Marketing Pricing Guide originally published on his website. A small business owner I spoke with last week needed a marketing […]

Understanding Your Creative Strategy

2016 should be the year of creative strategy. I say this only because the worlds of advertising, public relations, social media and search have been inching closer and closer for […]

The Elements of a Well-Constructed Brand

A few weeks ago, I offered up my overview definition of a brand. I summarized that a brand was the total set of experiences a person has when experiencing your […]

Is Monitoring Twitter Conversations Even Worth It?

You would be hard pressed to produce a social listening report these days that didn’t show Twitter as your top conversation source, regardless of the topic. What’s more frightening is […]

What exactly is a brand?

We talk a lot about the “brand” in the marketing world. More often than not, we use the term brand to refer to the company, product or service we’re working […]

Is Social Listening Innovation Possible?

Innovation in the social listening space seems almost impossible. What’s possible is done. Or at least that’s the contrarian view. I spent a few days this week with my friends at […]

The Give-and-Take of the Importance of Twitter

Since 2009 or so, anytime you check the online conversation about most brands you’ve likely found that most conversations come from Twitter. A spot-check of five brands I monitor Sunday […]

The Difference Between Surveys and Research

We’re knee deep in a fairly significant research project for our client, Red e App. It’s an internal communications platform that serves enterprise companies that have large numbers of hourly […]

Without content, you do not exist

Rick Moranis was one of the most successful comedic actors of the 1980s and 90s. Even now, it’s hard not to recognize him and recall one or two of his […]

The Small-Business Facebook Reach Workaround

There’s a good chance you’ve been lamenting the tightening of brand page organic reach on Facebook. Regardless of your business’s size or scope, the simple fact of the matter is […]

How and why to create a movement

The ultimate win for a brand is to create a movement around their cause, product or service that energizes an audience and builds brand passion and loyalty. Movements build loyalty […]

The Baseball Lesson of Digital Marketing Metrics

Anyone over the age of 30 who likes baseball knows the name Steve Garvey. He was the accomplished first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers during the team’s early 1980s […]

What makes content sharable?

You’ve likely heard the plea for brands in social media before: Create more or better content. But that alone isn’t enough to earn better performance for the blog posts, images, […]

The Social Aspect of Multinational Agribusiness

In 2013, we were approached by a multinational agricultural company, looking for assistance as they fully evaluated their social media presence and charted their course forward. Within their company, some […]

If You’re Not Doing Online Video, You’re Missing Out

In September, Facebook published a fairly definitive statement that video was important. Fidji Simo, the product management director for video at the social network, wrote that Facebook was committed to making […]

Five Things Brands Need In Order To Pay Bloggers

For brands the social media world is most certainly becoming more of a pay-for-play environment. Sure, you can build an audience on your owned properties and drive plenty of engagement […]

Top 5 Ways To Destroy Your Effectiveness In PR

We all want to be effective in our roles as PR professionals. But what dangerous practices, that are common in our industry, should we actively avoid? I have some suggestions […]

The Clever Friend Approach to Content Marketing

Businesses large and small struggle with the constant need to produce content that stands out. We long to stand out as signal from the noise and, in our rubberneck society, […]

Sydney Davis: #WhyIJoinedElasticity

I am a senior at Washington University in St. Louis interning at Elasticity in PR and marketing for the spring semester. I am completely unpaid due to Wash U’s internship […]

The Minimalist Guide To Public Relations Outreach

It’s no secret that most media members can’t stand unsolicited outreach from public relations professionals. Whether they’re added to a company’s email blast list (which in my humble opinion should […]

Lead-Gen Content Marketing That Raises the Bar

It’s not everyday I get big UPS packages. When I opened a recent one, however, I was delighted and impressed to say the least. The package was from SharpSpring, a […]

Proof Facebook has NOT killed organic reach

Dozens of websites and even “sources” inside Facebook have reported that the social network has killed organic reach. Now, in order for your brand page content to be seen,  you […]

We’ll Drink To That Content: Hendrick’s Gin

Great content marketing is like a magnet. It sucks people in. Something about it gets the initial attention, then as the audience bites off a little more, they become more […]

Four Methods To Make Your Content Stand Out

The most common problem with brand content today is that it’s sterile. Look at what your brand is providing. If you can reasonably take a competitor’s logo and put it […]

How “Going Viral” Can Be Made Easier

Once a company is convinced they should be leveraging digital marketing and social media for business, the inevitable next focal point for them is to want to “go viral.” But […]

Great Content, Great Social Strategy Can Be Simple

Too many companies and brands think driving engaging content and building effective social media is hard. It certainly doesn’t come without challenges and can be, but it doesn’t have to […]

Why You Should Second Guess Data

We can all agree that nothing makes a droll presentation or seemingly mindless business conclusion more exciting than a pretty bar graph. And eMarketer makes a mint on producing them. […]