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Appistry: Distilling the Complexities of Big Data Into Beautiful Design


Appistry is a leader in big data and analysis. For more than a decade, Appistry has been steadily building its expertise and now provides a complete solution—Ayrris, a proprietary system—for data-intensive and analytical applications. Appistry also is the exclusive commercial supplier of the Broad Institute’s Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK).

Appistry is in a complex business. Executives challenged us to distill their business and the benefits of their approach into a variety of collateral and print pieces to support their sales, as well as bolster the company’s presence at industry conferences.


To ensure Appistry was seen by potential customers, we worked on print and online approaches that would help drive customer acquisition. From creating web ads that stood out by use of bright colors and attention-drawing graphics, to info-graphic-style print materials that made people stop to read and then visit a custom landing page, we embraced simplicity in our visual design whenever possible.


This new approach saw immediate results. Appistry reported the new print materials attracted more leads than previous materials. The online ads were also noticed, clicked on and resulted in new business for Appistry. The approach cut through the online clutter and noise, and caused people to stop and pay attention. Appistry’s reputation as a leader in the industry did the rest.