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Charter Center Stage


In order to reach the younger consumer demographic during the back to school period, Charter executed a Center Stage program, a virtual battle of the bands, during the summer and fall of both 2011 and 2012. Not only did Charter wish to align itself with the music scene, but create an engaging program to identify and message potential customers in the college market.


From the middle of May through the end of September both years, a microsite and Facebook app hosted an online battle of the bands, soliciting entries from all over the country and offering a cash prize and the chance to open for major national acts at a live concert, also to be streamed on Facebook. Enabling the bands with an array of digital branded assets to promote their entry would drive traffic from new sources to Charter’s microsite and Facebook. Email campaigns, paid media, social postings and online outreach supported the promotion.


Over two years, 793 bands entered, driving over 100K votes and approximately 13,000 people tuning in to watch the shows live in Facebook. Elasticity’s social and digital extensions of the campaign resulted in 719,715,835 total impressions for the brand, (less than 20% of which was paid). More importantly, the overall campaign was 66% over goal for connects for the Charter brand in 2011 and 105% over goal in 2012.