No typical Battle of the Bands
Charter Center Stage

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For the 2011 back-to-school season, Charter Communications (now Spectrum) challenged Elasticity to capitalize on the busy time of year in terms of customer acquisition and engagement with a younger audience. In order to do that, we created a virtual Battle of the Bands contest: Center Stage to drive word-of-mouth buzz and propel sales. Brag alert: we put on a rockstar performance.

The Launch
It all started with a simple post on Charter’s Facebook page to kick off the campaign. We directed bands to enter the Center Stage Battle of the Bands through a microsite. Over the next few weeks, we shifted the conversation on Charter’s page to focus on music-related topics.

The Buzz
Center Stage took on a life of its own as bands called their fans to action, often referencing Charter in their promotions and social content. To supplement organic engagement, we reached out to news outlets in the towns of the bands, resulting in a whirlwind of earned media impressions.

The Concert
More than 8,000 people streamed the concert live on Facebook, generating 4,300+ new likes in one day from people worldwide. As fans enjoyed the Battle of the Bands, Charter enjoyed record levels of engagement on their page for four consecutive weeks.

Rockstar Results

  • 93,050,704 Total Impressions
  • Doubled Charter’s Facebook Audience 22,750 → 41,076
  • Quadrupled Charter’s Total Daily Reach 109,849 → 419,363
  • 13,198,683 Earned Media Impressions
  • Exceeded Charter’s acquisition goal by 66% in year one and 105% in year two.
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