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Charter Communications

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Competition for new customers is fierce in the world of video, phone, and Internet service providers. Charter asked Elasticity to manage its paid search program, driving residential customer acquisition at a lower cost-per-acquisition than their current affiliate partners. At the same time, Elasticity was charged with developing and overseeing a complex series of affiliate compliance guidelines.


To maximize the performance of the campaign, we leveraged historical insights to hit the ground running. At the same time, we deployed an algorithmic-based bidding optimization strategy designed to balance a lower CPA with a robust volume of sales. We systematically worked to test and optimize ads to maximize relevancy and campaign performance. At the same time, we helped to deploy a mobile-optimized site.

At the same time, we used automated monitoring and notifications of competitors to enforce the compliance guidelines.


In the first six months, Elasticity saved Charter Communications $1.3m in affiliate fees compared to the cost they would otherwise have paid affiliates for the same number of acquisitions.

The number of affiliate violations dropped dramatically, reducing CPCs and driving efficiencies.