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Charter Communications

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Charter Communications


As Social Media Agency of Record for Charter Communications, we are tasked with multiple challenges all at once. How do we educate and convince consumers that Charter’s services are superior to other MSO offerings? How do we grow and nurture a community of enthusiasts for the brand when many think of them as simply a “utility?” How do you use social media as an acquisition tool? And how do you continually translate and mature a traditional promotions and sweepstakes strategy into the world of social media?


While the tactics are varied, the consistent solution is one of creativity, content, smart strategy and execution on ideas. By constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done in social media, we have amassed a wide range of programs that range from March Madness bracket challenges, to virtual battle-of-the-bands contests in Facebook, and campaigns that range from educational sweepstakes on bandwidth to Black Friday. We interact with the community we’ve built for Charter through a strategy of talking about the content that is accessible through Charter’s services rather than the services themselves–all while driving to create more subscribers. We coordinate with the content providers themselves and we also handle online customer care in the social media channels. In all, we are intimately involved in customer acquisition, migration (increasing services), retention and corporate reputation.


Every day, over 350,000 people interact with the Charter brand through social media and our efforts reach over 2 million people–each and every day. But more importantly, we’re part of a team that has helped the online marketing channel grow 35% a year for the last 4 years. We’re really proud of that.

In addition:

Charter Bracket Challenge

In this campaign, we continually optimize each year to expand reach and engagement, while pushing that customers can watch all the games with Charter online and in the comfort of their living rooms. Utilizing sophisticated bracket software (one of the first to have full functionality in Facebook 3 years ago), we allow custom groups, friendly rivalries and unique rules to keep engagement beyond the typical “set it and forget it” bracket setup of other contests. Over the years, Charter has gained over 30,000 entrants, and increased likes and engagement over 20% each year it is run. Typical results in a given year are around 5 million people reached, 70,000 user sessions throughout the tournament and over 1,200 clicks through to online purchasing landing pages.


Charter Power Sweepstakes

With more than 45.5 million total impressions, a 28 percent lift in page Likes, 45,444 tab views, 15,852 contest entries and an average of 2 minutes spent on the site, Charter Power was a smashing success. The calculator results and other Charter references earned 8,586 page views in Charter’s online buy-flow, and a new precedent was established for Charter’s digital sweepstakes: Announcing winners daily kept the program transparent, relevant and exciting. The boost in engagement was tremendous; it never ran the risk of becoming stale or impossible to win.


Charter Holideals

Elasticity’s pieces of the campaign earned Charter more than 125 million impressions, a 28.7 percent boost in Likes, more than 57,000 tab views, and engagement like a promotional campaign has never seen. Compared to the same time frame the previous year (which included the offers but not the full campaign), there was a 1,046 percent increase in engaged Facebook users per day.

Not only did more than 363,000 people enter the sweepstakes, we also saw great success with posting the winners. Real-time conversational posts around the announcements (“What would YOU do first with an Amazon Kindle Fire HD?”) saw hundreds of comments for the duration of the sweepstakes.

Ultimately, Cyber Monday was the “highest total orders day in Charter online history,” with more than a 39 percent year-over-year increase in total online sales for the two-week period surrounding the retail holiday.