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For the past two years, Charter held a battle of the bands to leverage the back to school season to reach college students. However, Charter was ready to pivot and roll out a new strategy to reach this coveted demographic. Back to school is notoriously difficult – college students are distracted and bombarded by marketing messages. We had to find a way to break through the clutter and get noticed.

They challenged us to develop and execute a strategy that would reach a larger audience while maintaining the high levels of engagement that we had driven in previous campaigns.


In July, we launched Major You, an online quiz that tapped into entertainment culture to see what your “major” in life was. The program was delivered through a microsite and a cross-platform Facebook application.

This quiz not only gathered vital information about what their fans and consumers like, but allowed them to be served individualized results suggesting shows, websites and other content that the Charter services fuel. Participants could also enter for the chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire HD (given out daily) and be entered for the grand prize of $10K in cash.

To further support the program, Elasticity, created a secondary app called Extra Credit, where users could download customized assets displaying their new major choice, explore extracurricular activities, and even earn extra entries by inviting someone to take a roommate compatibility quiz based on TV-watching preferences, or calling out their friends in a TV Guilty Pleasure Gotcha! weekly feature.

Email campaigns, paid media, social postings and online outreach supported the promotion, as well as the nationwide tour that Charter executed, bringing branded trucks with activities and giveaways, to various college campuses.


The sweeps earned a record 1.8 million entries, with people coming back to spin the wheel or earn extra entries throughout the campaign. Elasticity’s social and digital extensions of the campaign resulted in 4,500 peer-to-peer invitations, 72 million impressions, and perhaps most importantly, Charter’s Facebook platform achieved sustained growth.

Where Charter Center Stage earned 5,453 new fans in 2012, but got 4,725 unlikes during the same period (2,679 of which were during one day, when the 11 finalists were announced and everyone else disengaged with the campaign), Major You earned 14,048 new likes and only 2,277 unlikes during the course of the campaign period – suggesting a higher degree of genuine interest and entertainment from the Charter brand than previously attained.