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Multinational Agribuiness

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In 2013, Elasticity was approached by a multinational agricultural and chemical company, looking for assistance to shape their future social media strategies across a portfolio of brands. Within the company, some people saw the value of social media, some were undecided, and some continued to hang onto the older model of direct mail outreach.

Elasticity was asked to conduct a full audit of the company’s social media presence, and provide solid, data-based recommendations for future social media usage.


Employing a multifaceted strategy, the Elasticity team embarked on a multi-month research project that involved the analysis of the company’s existing channels, a benchmarking of all competitive or comparable social channels within the industry, and a content analysis of all owned and competitive channels. The empirical approach to the social media audit was developed and vetted in conjunction with Northwestern University researchers.

The research involved in-person meetings with various groups and levels within the company, along with phone conferences with offices in other parts of the US and overseas.

Following the in-depth research phase and the content analysis, Elasticity drafted a series of phased recommendations going forward that encompassed foundational steps, internal coordination, content management, key “buckets” of content, outreach efforts, third-party partnerships and campaign concepts. The final report was presented to the entire marketing and communication organization in early 2014.


The company is in the process of implementing the phased approach in order to incorporate best practices into their social media, PR and marketing efforts.