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Colorado Skin Care: Beautiful Design Meets Search Engine Optimization


Colorado Skin Care is a leading laser medicine practice located in Denver. When they initially approach Elasticity, they presented two challenges. First, redesign their outdated website, introducing a new brand to the region. Second, they wanted the new site to not only be aesthetically beautiful, but perhaps more importantly, optimized for search engines and lead generation.


Elasticity worked closely with Colorado Skin Care staff to outline their goals, objectives and vision. We translated the project requirements into a visually stunning website that highlighted the positive, aspirational benefits of their services. We wanted potential patients to be inspired and motivated by the transformative potential of laser medicine. Throughout the design process, we kept the goal of lead generation in mind, strategically placing calls-to-action to drive visitors into the conversion funnel.

Concurrently, our search team executed a brief, yet thorough research process to identify the relevant keywords and to reverse engineer the tactics employed by leading competitors in the organic search landscape. We quickly translated the research into action, optimizing the website – from both a technical and content perspective. In addition, the search team worked with the client to craft a steady stream of content for their blog, including infographics and other guides designed to attract inbound links.


The client was thrilled with the design and even more satisfied with the ultimate bottom-line results:

  • Conversions increased by 158 percent.
  • More than 67 percent of the conversions came from organic search traffic.