Proving to X Million People Why St. Louis Rules—Without Spending a Dime
Downtown STL: 'So Boring'

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In January 2019, Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant made a comment on a late-night TV show that added fuel to the ever-blazing fire of the St. Louis-Chicago rivalry:

“Who would want to play in St. Louis? It’s so boring.

Bryant’s remark immediately caught the attention of Cardinals Nation, including a certain special someone: Yadier Molina. Molina quickly took to Instagram, saying that players who diss other cities are “stupid players and losers,” which sparked the hashtag #QueVivaSTL. This feud quickly polarized thousands of fans across the country. So, as the first Cards/Cubs matchup approached, we wanted to reignite the momentum with a campaign that proved to the world why St. Louis is far from “boring.”

The Gameplan

St. Louis is a melting pot of endless talent, culture, attractions, and history. Accordingly, we wanted to give the world a taste of everything. To accomplish that, we reached out to people and organizations of all kinds: artists, photographers, nonprofits, frozen yogurt shops, schools, and so many more. Our ask? Share a video on Instagram that proves why St. Louis is far from boring and use #QueVivaSTL (the same hashtag Yadi started earlier in the year.)

We organized the campaign so that everyone shared their videos on May 3rd before 3 p.m., right around the first pitch of the Cards/Cubs game.

Flooding Instagram

Shortly after the campaign kicked off, it spread like wildfire with hundreds getting in on the action. User generated content ranged from high-caliber drone footage to homemade videos of construction workers dancing—all under the premise that Kris Bryant was way off base when he called St. Louis “boring.”

The Results

  • Our influencers had a combined total reach of 1.5 million followers
  • Earned media coverage on Fox 2, The Riverfront Times, and FSN Midwest during the Cards/Cubs game