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Driving Financial Literacy With SEO


We’ve been privileged to work with a leading financial institution over the course of the past four years. Its mission is advancing economic knowledge throughout the community by delivering resources and educational materials designed to foster greater financial and economic literacy. To that end, they have developed a multitude of educational resources online, from lesson plans to interactive games and quizzes.

Despite the wealth of content, they lacked traffic to its materials. Their executives felt they needed to reach a broader audience online. Our mission: drive more qualified organic search traffic.


After discussions with their executives to gain a more nuanced understanding of their objectives, we began with a thorough keyword analysis, laying the foundation for the remainder of the campaign. We examined the organic search competition, digging into the mechanics of content and linking strategies of the top sites. And, we conducted a meticulous audit of their website, laying out specific optimization recommendations. Ultimately, we helped guide their executives through a redesign of their educational materials, producing a much more optimized platform.

At the same time, we began working with groups of content writers to share best practices, providing them with the rationale, resources and insights to draft more search-friendly content.

In the background, our outreach team worked to build inbound links from a multitude of sources, including peers, economic education sites, higher education sites, and many more.


They have been very pleased with the results. Year over year:

  • Organic search traffic is up nearly 130 percent.
  • Organic search traffic to economic education-related content rose more than 120 percent.