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Extra Help: Driving B2B Customer Acquisition


Extra Help is a midsized employment and payroll services firm serving the St. Louis and Southern Illinois regions. Backed by a strong sales team and a dedication to delivering superior service, Extra Help had seen years of impressive growth, establishing itself as a regional leader in staffing, payroll and resource management. To maintain that growth and compete with increasingly aggressive competitors, it turned to Elasticity, beginning with a redesign of their website.


To build traffic and acquisition online, Elasticity first embarked on a redesign of the company website. At the time, the website utilized a splash page that segmented the traffic, hurting visibility in search and creating a disjointed user experience. To begin, we developed a new brand for Extra Help, updating the company logo, developing a tagline and rolling out a consistent aesthetic. For the website, we utilized a clean, modern and professional look, humanizing the Extra Help team with original photography.

At the same time, our search team was busy behind the scenes. Initially, we conducted research to identify the biggest keyword opportunities and examine the competition for successful search tactics. The search team worked closely with the development team, building in optimized content and ensuring that the site adhered to a set of technical best practices.

Following the launch, we began to develop blog content, targeting keywords and optimizing the internal links on the site. We also embarked on an aggressive link-building program, enlisting partners, conducting outreach and building content designed to spur specific audiences to link to Extra Help.


Extra Help was thrilled with the overall design of the website and has received numerous accolades from current and prospective customers. In addition, to date, we’ve produced impressive results for the Extra Help team:

  • From 2011 to 2012, organic search traffic rose 47 percent.
  • From 2011 to 2013 (to date), organic search traffic is up 91 percent.
  • Leads have steadily grown month over month, with all leads from organic searches up an average of 700 percent from the initial launch of the program.