Building a Top 5 Liquor Brand, One Shot at a Time

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How do you turn a Canadian, cinnamon-flavored whisky (yes, that’s how it’s spelled up north) into the shot of choice among millennials of drinking age? When Fireball gave us this challenge, we knew we had to craft a fiery brand personality to cut (burn?) through the clutter. Through savvy organic content, influencer partnerships, and word-of-mouth marketing, Fireball earned a reputation as a top five liquor brand.

The Recipe

Knowing that Fireball’s voice would be essential to standing out in a crowded market, we crafted “The Dragon” persona to bring the brand to life. The Dragon became the “Party Alpha,” the instigator in every friend group, and the most confident person in any bar.

The Approach

We mixed and matched several tactics to create a social media cocktail, and it yielded some intoxicating results. Whether we utilized swag giveaways, influencer partnerships, offline murals, or our “Bartender of the Week” program, all content served on purpose: keep Fireball top-of-mind when consumers wanted a drink.

The Online Conversation

In order to build relationships with fans, Elasticity used a strong pour of community management. Our goal? Engage with fans on their terms and keep the party going. Elasticity’s team of community managers offered rapid responses to fans (less than 60 minutes) and spoke directly to consumers with personalized, non-cookie-cutter messages that were fun, unique, and authentic.

The Aftertaste Was Pretty Damn Sweet…

  • Quadrupled sales of Fireball between 2011 – 14.
  • Took Fireball to the top of the shooters category: $1.9 million in 2011 to $61 million in 2013.
  • Solidified Fireball as a one of the five most consumed spirits.
  • Increased reach and engagement year over year