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Kennelwood: Building a More Playful Online Home


Pet owners are passionate about their furry friends, to say the least. Kennelwood Pet Resorts manages seven St. Louis-area locations, where they offer an array of pet boarding, daycare and training programs. In 2010, faced with an influx of aggressive competitors, Kennelwood executives approached Elasticity to help them modernize the company website. At the time, the website lacked the fun, playfulness and energy that pet owners seek from a boarding provider. Our goal was to design a new, easy-to-maintain platform that connected the audience by invoking playfulness, energy and the possibility of a new pet.


Our design team presented several alternatives to Kennelwood executives, who selected a look that distilled the key themes into an energetic visual design. Throughout the site, happy, playing pets are featured prominently to evoke a positive emotional response. In addition, we included prominent calls to action, driving visitors into a new online reservation system.

We utilized WordPress to provide Kennelwood employees with a powerful, yet simple, content management system (CMS) that enables them to manage basic content updates. At the same time, our search engine optimization (SEO) team supported the transition by ensuring that the site not only looked better, but actually drove more potential clients.


The Kennelwood team was pleased not only with the ultimate look and functionality of the site but, more important, with its impact on business. Since the launch, the number of visitors and conversions has steadily increased year over year. For the past two years, the company has seen an average increase in visitors of 34 percent each year.