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Lanworth: The Lesson Learned From Trading Places


Lanworth was a small technology company that used satellite imaging to predict crop yields around the world, providing invaluable insights into the medium- and long-term trends of agriculture markets. The company goal was to connect with companies in the financial services space that could profit from advance warning about major changes in commodities pricing. Executives challenged Elasticity to raise awareness of Lanworth.


To begin, we deployed a new website, providing Lanworth with a WordPress-powered content management system (CMS) that simplified the company’s complex offering into messages that were designed to resonate with its audience. During development, we built powerful application programming interfaces (APIs) into the website to enable the streaming of real-time data to its clients.

With the website complete, we moved to foster greater awareness through media relations. Initially, we researched and identified national media that would be open to a pitch that demonstrated Lanworth’s knowledge and expertise in the agricultural space and the novel means the company employed to obtain the information and apply it in specific markets. From the outset, we knew that we had to simplify Lanworth’s business into something that would be instantly recognizable to audiences. The solution was simple: draw an analogy to the classic 1983 comedy film Trading Places.


National financial media in the commodity, agriculture and finance services spaces included regular coverage of the company, leading to new clients and increased revenue. In 2011, Lanworth was acquired by Thomson Reuters—validation of our work to raise the company’s profile in the financial services space.