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MERS Goodwill: Doing More Good With More Search Visibility


As a regional nonprofit with multiple programs and services, MERS Goodwill faced a lot of competition in the online space. To help support its mission, Elasticity was tasked with increasing the company’s visibility in search engine results.


Using a mix of on-site optimization, content development and link-building, we created a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that would not only bolster MERS Goodwill’s visibility in the rankings, but provide valuable content for the company website. One of the content pieces we created was an info-graphic highlighting how one could save through the holiday season by shopping at MERS Goodwill.

By leveraging quality content like this, we were able to gain quality links and drive more traffic to the website. However, past SEO, it was a valuable marketing asset for the team.


To date, we have produced impressive returns for MERS Goodwill. Since the launch of the new website:

  • Monthly organic search traffic has increased by 94 percent.
  • Job applications have increased by upwards of 90 percent.
  • First-page rankings in Google for targeted search terms have increased by 300 percent.