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Missouri Wine and Grape Board: Worth The Work

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Engaging the Elusive Millennials

Making award-winning wine is no easy task. Getting millennial consumers to consider buying award winning wines that are produced in their home state, especially one more well known for beer than anything else, is even harder. But in Missouri we’re not looking for the easy way out, we’re looking to do it right – even if it takes a whole lot of hard work to get there.

Worth The Work

That’s the message that Missouri Wines, the consumer-facing brand of the Missouri Wine and Grape Board, needed to get to the Missouri market. Winemaking isn’t easy. In fact, it’s full of early mornings tending the vineyards, late nights harvesting grapes and long months aging in carefully controlled conditions. And that’s all before it gets to bottling.

Telling the Story

We developed a campaign that told this story to Missouri wine consumers. It gave them a first-hand look at the work that goes into each stage of the wine making process through a series of print ads, promoted social media posts, digital audio, OOH advertisements and short-form video. We wanted to tell an authentic story that, according to our research, would resonate with our target audience and connect them to product.

But most of all we wanted to know that there are a wide variety of great-tasting and
unique wines being produced at wineries all across the state.

The brand’s efforts to tell the story of Missouri winemakers have resulted in over 1 million video views and click through rates topping 1.25%.


Our creative campaign for Worth the Work has resulted in more than 11+ million total impressions in 2018 and 7+ million impressions thus far in 2019 via digital advertising and a total circulation of 60,000 for the Feast Magazine ad that has run a total of 20+ months since December 2016.

Our creative campaign for MVP has resulted in more than 5.75 million total impressions in 2018 and 1.35 million total impressions from March-August in 2019 via digital advertising and a total circulation of 60,000 for the Feast Magazine ad that has run a total of 6+ months since January 2018. Elasticity has helped drive over 8,300+ new MVP members since we launched advertising and marketing efforts in January of 2017.

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