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Monsanto: Empowering Engagement Through Social Media Training


In early 2010, Monsanto’s portfolio of brands was firmly in the crosshairs of well-funded, well-organized activists protesting genetically modified organisms (GMOs). To combat this rising wave of negative sentiment, Monsanto executives asked Elasticity to help them transition the company’s marketing and communication programs into the world of social media, and to provide expertise and guidelines on the best practices.


We worked closely with the brand teams from Monsanto to develop a social media playbook and user guides designed to empower team members to effectively use social media tools internally and externally. In the social media playbook, we began by examining the basics of social media: What is it, and why is it important to Monsanto?

With that addressed, we moved onto best practices specifically tailored to each brand, outlining our recommended approach for building and maintaining a community online and responding to negative brand mentions. We also addressed the challenges of employees’ integrating social media management into their day jobs, delivering recommendations on tools and resources to make them more efficient.


The Monsanto brand teams quickly embraced the framework that we delivered, working to disseminate the approach throughout their teams. In the end, the social media playbook laid the foundation for the development of the specific brands. Today, Monsanto brands have amassed tens of thousands of fans and followers. Team members are actively participating in online conversations and have robust monitoring programs in place.