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National University College


National University College of Puerto Rico offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in main areas including criminal justice, business administration, technology, health and education.

Prior to partnering with my team in January 2016, National University College struggled to increase leads and enrollments year-over-year, for both non-branded and branded search and display campaigns. We sought to audit their account, examining several levels of their efforts, from keywords and ads to landing pages and settings.

From this audit, we outlined a list of priorities to maximize results in the short term, as well as sustain considerable increases in leads in future months.


A clear list of priorities drove the strategy to increase leads as much as possible while cutting unnecessary costs:

  1. Expand positive and negative keyword lists
  2. Cut irrelevant and ineffective keywords as necessary
  3. Adjust bid strategies and budgets to be as aggressive as possible in driving leads and controlling top positions
  4. Incorporate display ads, testing several targeting methods such as remarketing, keywords, topics, interests and manual placements
  5. Start testing ad copy messages, as well as several elements of landing pages


  • 38 percent increase in leads YOY
  • 14 percent decrease in cost YOY