A Global Corporation Hits a Home Run on Social Media
Rawlings Sporting Goods

Brand Strategy, Social Media, Creative, Community Management

When Rawlings saw a reduction in product sales while their competitors’ sales increased, the brand made a call to the bullpen to revamp their marketing efforts and chose Elasticity. Our team quickly discovered that Rawlings wasn’t tapping into social media, even though its target audience was comprised of young, digitally-savvy athletes. Accordingly, we brought their social media strategy up to the big leagues.

The Windup…

Elasticity evolved Rawlings’ content strategy to connect with young, aspirational ballplayers. Our primary focus revolved around featuring professional athletes who use Rawlings gloves, bats, and equipment on the field. These influencers proved to the young audience that Rawlings isn’t just another brand your parents buy, but rather the brand the pros trust.

…And the Pitch

To execute Rawlings’ new strategy, Elasticity tapped into underutilized social platforms (including a heavy focus on Instagram and Twitter.) We implemented a three-pronged approach of user-generated content, giveaways, and targeted paid media to boost reach and engagement.

Hitting a Home Run

Within six months, Elasticity:

  • Increased reach by 756%
  • Increased engagement by 303%
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