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U.S. Congressional Staffers

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In early 2014 and in partnership with CafePress, Elasticity conducted a social media training session for Congressional staffers in Washington DC.

The challenge many of these staffers face is that their members of Congress do not understand social media, or, if they do, do not use it effectively. Numerous cases in recent months lend credence to this as social media missteps have led to the end of elected officials careers, such as the case of Carlos Danger.


The Elasticity team partnered with client CafePress to produce and lead the training. Jason Falls, founder of Social Media Explorer and CafePress’ vice president of digital strategy joined Elasticity Social Media Director Rachael Powell, who together led the training session.

Additionally, Elasticity partner Aaron Perlut led a panel discussion about social media’s influences on political news coverage that included political journalists from ABC, Yahoo! Politics, and Roll Call.

The training was managed by Elasticity’s CCO Mark Sutherland and CafePress’ Sarah Segal presented on the product tools politicians can use on CafePress.com. The training was designed to fit within an hour, and was complemented by food and drinks, courtesy of the District of Pi restaurant in Washington DC.

The content of the training took the attendees through some key “top-of-mind” concepts they needed to always consider when utilizing social media, while also providing some concrete examples of how to implement best practices in a congressional setting. The event wrapped up with a Q-and-A, and extensive conversation one-on-one afterwards.


All attendees were very positive about the training and considered the information presented as useful and implementable. Conversations on social media best practices with the attendees continued after the event, via e-mail.