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Foreign Government

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In 2013, Elasticity was engaged to provide social media training for a foreign government in the U.S. Ultimately, the objective of the staff was to use social media to reach business owners and other influencers, raising the profile of their country and improving its brand perception as a great destination for businesses. The staff understood the importance of social media, but was unsure where to focus or how to connect with their target audience effectively.


Elasticity engaged in research of the government’s presence in the U.S., their current social media efforts, and the key areas the government was focused on in its US outreach. Conversations also took place with the communication and marketing team back in the foreign government’s home offices.

Based upon the results of this research, and the application of best practices, Elasticity developed a single-day training program that could be completed at the government’s Embassy in Washington, D.C. The training took the team from the very basics of social media all the way to how to become an organization that not only does social media, but that also has social media embedded in everyday activities. Our goal was to change their mindset: don’t just do social, but be social.

Elasticity also provided specific recommendations on future social media and real world activities to build the nation’s brand in the U.S., increase nationwide connectivity, and support the key economic outreach pillars important to the foreign government.


The training was positively received and the dialogue was dynamic during the training. According to the most senior government representative in the US, the training “provided lots of food for thought on the way ahead,” and “I hope we can continue to maintain an ongoing dialogue…on social media.”