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St. Louis Regional Chamber: #STLisTop10


In late March 2013, the St. Louis Regional Chamber approached Elasticity for support with the upcoming launch of their collaborative regional effort to raise college attainment rates in the St. Louis region. The effort was already actively supported by a large number of companies, organizations and educational institutions in the St. Louis area.

Elasticity was tasked with launching the effort in a way that would create conversation and ensure that the effort was highly visible in the region.


The St. Louis Regional Chamber was planning on launching the effort with a summit in downtown St. Louis. Elasticity took the approach of utilizing the summit as the focal point while also expanding the audience for the summit beyond those in attendance. And we had four weeks to get everything done.

We developed six categories in our planning and approach to the summit: message platform; asset design; video; web; PR; and the event itself. All of these elements were designed to support each other and drive awareness and a unified story about the importance of education attainment. All this would build a solid foundation for the effort to move forward beyond the summit.

A message platform was quickly developed, and utilized in all other aspects of the summit. Visual assets began to be developed, a video plan created, a website build began, PR plans were drafted and how all these elements would interact with the actual summit were decided.

Utilizing the inspiration of the already existing logo, presentation tools, posters, and more were designed. A series of videos were scripted featuring interviews with regional CEOs, students, HR leaders, educators and organizational heads. A microsite was built, with more information on the regional effort with video elements. PR outreach began to reporters and hosts who were influential and progressive voices in the region. And the actual event elements were planned and developed, including the recruitment of regional voices active on Twitter and the use of videos, a video booth and a Twitter Wall during the event.


The St. Louis Regional Talent Summit was successfully launched on May 2, 2013. The efforts continue, but the days leading up to the summit and the day of the summit saw: