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Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis

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The Regional Arts Commission: STL Arts App


The Regional Arts Commission, the largest funder of arts and culture in the St. Louis Region, created the area’s first-ever arts and culture events app. As primarily a granting institution and community events space, the organization had never run a promotional or advertising campaign. Our mission: creatively drive awareness of the app and reach download goals.


Elasticity created an integrated campaign led by an aggressive paid media program, guerrilla event strategy, targeted public relations program and strong social media integration, all designed to reach the young, influential artistic community in the St. Louis region.


On average, the app downloads exceeded the monthly download goal by more than 40 percent. The average digital media CTR was more than six times the industry average. Finally, we increased brand awareness and reputation by nearly doubling the organization’s social media following in course of five months and serving direct campaign messaging to a wider, more engaged audience.