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Upbeat Site Furnishings

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Upbeat Site Furnishings: Selling Site Furnishings Through SEO


Upbeat Site Furnishings is a leading online retailer of business-to-business site furnishings, representing more than 80 manufacturers of products such as tables, benches, trash receptacles, bike racks and planters. For years, the company had built its business with a strong sales team and a direct-mail catalog. While it had built a robust online retail website, decision-makers had never actively invested in digital marketing.

Executives asked Elasticity to embark on a search engine optimization program designed to bolster the presence of their website, driving incremental visitors and conversions.


We began by conducting initial research to identify the biggest keyword opportunities for Upbeat and by examining the search competition based on the initial portfolio of keywords. Next, Elasticity worked closely with the development team at Upbeat to address a multitude of technical issues designed to optimize the site for search engines. With that finalized, our team embarked on an ongoing campaign to build inbound links, utilizing a variety of tactics, including: establishing additional business listings, working with partner companies and associations, gaining listings in specialized product directories, and many more.


To date, Elasticity has delivered significant, measurable results for Upbeat:

  • The number of top-10 rankings for tracked, unbranded terms has increased from 3 to 45.
  • In the first year, unique visitors rose more than 32 percent.
  • Revenue from organic search went up more than 7 percent.