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Chevy Silverado (inadvertently) says they are third best

As the self-proclaimed Grammar Police Commissioner, I feel it is my duty to point out the insufferable grammatical errors to which we are subjected on a daily basis.

This week’s amazing error comes from Chevrolet. Chevy has been running an unfortunate television commercial during this year’s World Series promoting the 2014 Silverado. In the ad, you see a rugged, all-American man climbing into the cab of his red Silverado beneath a roaring highway. He closes the door behind him and suddenly it’s silent. The man then proclaims, “Chevy Silverado delivers a quiet cabin that’s second to nobody in its class – and by nobody, I mean Ram and Ford.

If you read the sentence carefully, you’ll realize it’s actually saying that Chevy Silverado is second to Ram and Ford. If Chevy ended the thought after “nobody in its class,” it means that the Silverado is the very best and second to no one. However, since Chevy goes on to define “nobody,” the entire meaning of the ad changes.

Clearly this copywriter is second to none, except anyone who knows a little something about proper grammar.

You can watch the spot below or by clicking here.

6 Responses to Chevy Silverado (inadvertently) says they are third best

  1. I take it to mean that the Toyota Tundra is quieter so the ad leaves them out and just uses Dodge and Ford as the class. So the Silverado is number one out of those three.

  2. Yes! You don’t even have to read the sentence carefully. I noticed this instantly, the very first time I saw the spot. And I thought “Oh my, how immensely stupid.” I work in advertising and I know how much people check and double check something as simple and stupid as how fast a product animates across a web page. To think that a copywriter on such a high-paying account could write this and no one would point out how stupid it is… it boggles the mind. It’s not like this is an archaic or esoteric way of speaking. Those of us who practice even just a bit of sarcasm regularly encounter conversations that contain remarks such as “After my bout with food poisoning kept me up all night, I am feeling totally awesome! And by ‘totally awesome’, I mean ‘absolutely terrible’!”

    This is exactly the same as that common way of joking. We’re second to nobody… and by nobody, we mean everybody. We’re worse than everybody. WANH-wonnnnhhh!

  3. I am just happy other people care. I have seen this commercial a dozen or so times, but tonight it struck a cord and I had to see if others appreciated how flawed Chevy’s assertion is. I will now be able to sleep tonight. Because of peace of mind. And vodka. So much Vodka. Cheers.

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