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Compelling And Rich Panda Watch On NBC’s Today Show!

Panda’s are not known as beacon’s of truth but I must be honest with you: The Amazing Panda Adventure is not my favorite film of all time. It is actually Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, because the verve and gusto of News Channel 4’s Brian Fantana in covering the breaking and important panda news is beyond reproach and on par with any national coverage known to human history.

Or perhaps — perhaps — I enjoy Anchorman so much because I spent the first several years of my post-zoo career in either gambling parlors or newsrooms, and have since spent 48 years working with broadcasters from my position on the “Dark Side” (as the PR world is often called by media professionals when they are thinking about new careers in PR or in zoo maintenance).

Yes, the reality is that broadcasters are nearly as funny to parody as PR people, and this was evidenced this morning on NBC’s “Today Show.”

Reporter Kelly O’Donnell — who it should be noted is a very good reporter who is NBC’s Capitol Hill correspondent — had to make what must have been a humiliating  report from the National Zoo that was, without question, compelling and rich.



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