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Distracting Your Distracted Driving Habits With a (Hopefully) Distracting Video

We help the Missouri Auto Dealers Association tell stories that are representative of the value brought by auto dealers to the state. Our goal is to inform consumers that their local auto dealers are far more than simply people on a television screens talking about deals on cars and trucks. Thus, we share information about topics ranging from safe driving tips to vehicle safety rankings to community investments to distracted driving caused by mobile phones. 

But let’s be honest — it’s oftentimes not sexiest stuff nor thought of as viral content. So how do you make it sexy or fun? How do you get an audience’s attention? It’s an increasing challenge in our ADHD economy that all marketers face in any line industry.

Recently we produced a new video about distracted driving purposely veering off the more traditional path of our last effort about the topic. While most distracted driving content seeks to frighten consumers with images of crashes and highway safety data, this time we chose to leverage parody, hoping to more deeply engage, potentially deliver some laughter, yet in the end, deliver an important message.

Let us know what you think. 

The Sacred Positions of Distracted Driving

The sacred positions of #distracteddriving. Keep your eyes on the road NOT on your phone. #OMGdontTXT

Posted by Missouri Automobile Dealers Association on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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