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Do you have Digital Sense? Get some here!

As time goes on in the digital space, several overarching best-practice themes have emerged. Be customer-centric. Engage with your stakeholders. Build systems to optimize around your business. Measure your returns, both financial and otherwise.

The blueprint to building a successful business in the digital age has come into better focus as that era has moved past the toddler years and into adolescence. And with that maturation comes smarter thinking about how to holistically approach building a business. Such is the case with the new book Digital Sense: The Common Sense Approach to Effectively Blending Social Business Strategy, Marketing Technology and Customer Experience by Travis Wright and Chris J. Snook.

This offering from academic publisher Wiley covers the aforementioned steps of building a customer-centric organization, incorporating social business strategies and tactics, leveraging data and automation, designing your marketing technology stack and fool-proofing your business against future shifts and trends that today’s standards may not anticipate. The acorn-to-tree approach that Digital Sense takes is refreshing in a sea of business books that give you one piece but leave out the rest of the pie.

Wright and Snook worried me a bit at first, diving deep into a short-sighted tweet by the Kansas City Chiefs in response to a fan’s critique of the team’s misuse of the salary cap, but the example proved to be the fuse leading to an explosion of insights, ideas, case studies and advice for anyone focused on building a business.

My favorite parts of Digital Sense include the marketing framework and audience development segments discussed under building a customer-centric organization and the customer journeys ideas shared in their “Vision Layer” break down. They dove into social business strategies and tactics, but they broke them down by discipline to cover specific examples for marketing, sales, employee advocates and influencers, human resources and customer service.

And, of course, the whole discussion around how to build your marketing stack is a technology section sorely lacking from many books about business in the digital age.

Early on in Digital Sense, Wright and Snook write, “No industry is immune to the new rules of social business, the increasing demands and the need to make customer experience the one metric that matters.” This book will spark some nice ideas on how you can follow those rules and build that most-important metric.

You can find Digital Sense on Amazon or in most bookstores.

Have you read anything recently worth sharing? Do you have any thoughts to share if you’ve already read Digital Sense? Leave us a note in the comments!

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