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Don’t delete that post!

Dont Delete that Post

Are you a business with a Facebook account that has ever received a negative comment regarding your service? While it’s not great to have bad feedback on your page, it’s important to not delete that message. It’s called social media for a reason folks. You want to be able to communicate to your customers. By deleting someone’s comment, any of the below can happen:

  • You risk angering the commenter even more: If you delete their post without addressing it, they’ll most likely retaliate and have hostility. The backlash from this could result in a PR nightmare.
  • If anyone else saw the post and noticed you removed it, your business could be viewed as not caring about your customer’s feedback. Or worse, that you’re shady and not credible.
  • Your followers may assume the negative comment was correct, since it appears you’re trying to hide it. That could result in a loss with customer loyalty.

Don’t delete a post because you don’t like it. Ignoring the issue won’t make it go away.

How can you turn this around?

Just because you don’t delete their post doesn’t mean you should ignore it. It’s important to reply within 24hrs. if possible. You don’t want to start an online war, so something as simple as posting that you’re sorry they feel this way and that you’re working on a resolution, or even post publicly that you’ll be contacting them privately to address their concerns. These types of comments show that you’re concerned and are trying to improve the situation. By saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t mean you’re at fault for what they’re complaining about. It’s simply stating, that you care and hope they give your business another chance.

When it’s ok to delete:

Now if someone is dropping f ’bombs and/or making threats on your page, that’s a different story. Not only are these comments over the top, they’re also a violation of Facebook’s policies. By all means then, hide or delete these types of comments. You could also follow up with a reminder that you appreciate all comments as long as they don’t contain threats or abusive language.

Moving forward

If your company doesn’t have a social media crisis plan, then you need to get going with this right away. Not familiar with this? Hmm..looks like I found the topic for my next blog post!

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