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DrumUp Offers Simple, Easy Social Sharing

There’s another social content curation and sharing app out there called DrumUp (http://drumup.io). Like Buffer, LockerDome, Edgar and others, it allows you to proactively post or reactively share content recommended to you by keywords to offer.

The setup is super simple – I connected via my Twitter account, entered some keywords and was up and running in no time. The content recommendations seemed to be in line with the types of posts I’d like to share with my networks, so that piece looks good.

DrumUp Sharing BoxThe share mechanism allows you to toggle each networks to selectively share or post to multiple, set a publishing time their system chooses (not sure on what criteria) or a specific time of your choosing. It also offers recommended hashtags for the post in question and the opportunity to repeat the post any number of times.

What it does not seem to have is a user-controlled queue like Buffer or Edgar that allows you to set the number of shares and at specific times during the day. In fact, you’re limited in the freemium version of the software to just three shares daily.

In fact, the number of posts per day seems to be DrumUp’s big differentiator. 15 posts per day per account runs $19 per month. If you share more than that, you’ll pay $50 or $199 for the more advanced plans.

So, in the grand scheme of things, it’s an entry point for content curation and social sharing. It’s simple, fast to set up and easy to use. It’s not very flexible and you have to trust that it’s automated posting times make sense for your audience or go through the pain of manually scheduling them all. It doesn’t have advanced features like custom queues.

The tool features a Chrome extension at this point as well.

Overall, it’s nice, but not powerful. If you’re just starting to get into social sharing and want to start with 2-3 posts per day to see how it goes, Give DrumUp a try. It’s at http://drumup.io.

Editor‘s Note: Original version of DrumUp Offers Simple, Easy Social Sharing published on Jasons website.

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