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Emma Klues: #WhyIJoinedElasticity

Emma Klues presents Laughter Yoga at Pecha Kucha St. Louis at the Contemporary Art Museum.


Not because I am lazy, but because I truly think it still stands, I present to the interwebs my original, unaltered cover letter to Elasticity from February 2011.

Most Honorable Robot Overlord:

Once upon a time in 2007, I got a degree in Advertising thinking I hated normal ad agencies and that the nonprofit sector was the way to go. After 5 years in the nonprofit sector, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, I realize that I still do hate most normal ad agencies, but there are other options. Enter Elasticity. I dig you. I dig your bacon obsession, I love the lack of job description, and I am fiercely dedicated to smart, snarky writing and engaging, effective design. I feel at home. Don’t let my gender fool you, I can rock a mustache with the best of them (proof attached, these have NOT been Photoshopped, although I can do that if needed).

I’ve done a variety of marketing, advertising, design and PR projects for non-profits, small businesses, and organizations over the last 5 years, and I am looking for a great place to create and continue to learn. I noticed that your staff list is missing a Pirate Negotiator. Allow me to fill that hole. The last place I worked, StudioSTL, was a young and growing nonprofit where I was one of two people, so the idea of wearing many hats (especially if they are colorful) is appealing to me, and I am comfortable juggling many projects, or many elements of one project.

I won’t bore you with a formal cover letter, but please feel free to call, email or carrier pigeon me for more information. I am currently writing letters and playing with two-month-old puppies that I am fostering from the Humane Society, so I should be available.Sincere thanks for reading, happy ice storm!  Cheers, Emma

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