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Facebook NewsFeed Redesign Features Larger Visuals

Facebook announced they were redesigning their NewsFeed yesterday (March 6, 2014). The design change will feature larger visuals, a more muted sidebar experience and a new font. The update will be rolled out to users in coming days.

This change does not affect the algorithm used to decide what content users see in their NewsFeed, nor does it affect how brands buy ads on the platform.

What does this mean for brands?

Brands must continue to leverage high quality visuals in both organic and paid content on Facebook to drive results. While creative specs have not changed, leveraging the optimal imagery size is more important than ever. If you’re unsure of the best image size for your post or ad, you can always reference Facebook’s creative specs sheet (note: this latest version was released January 23 2014).

If your brand Page is currently using these specs, this change will not affect your content and advertising strategies.

As always, the Elasticity Social Media team is here to help if you have questions!

New Facebook NewsFeed Design

New Facebook NewsFeed Design

Previous Facebook NewsFeed Design

Old Facebook NewsFeed Design

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