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Proof Facebook has NOT killed organic reach

Organic Facebook Content is Possible

Dozens of websites and even “sources” inside Facebook have reported that the social network has killed organic reach. Now, in order for your brand page content to be seen,  you need to sponsor posts and boost content through Facebook’s ad platform.

We are here to tell  you today that this is completely inaccurate. And we proved it here:

This doesn’t mean Facebook won’t kill it altogether. But if they do, then many of the brand pages that millions of Facebook users want to see in their feed will disappear, making the user experience less than ideal. That hurts Facebook’s critical metric: site stickiness.

The key to understanding how your brand can cut through the clutter and emerge in the streams of your fans is to focus on creating outstanding content. It is no longer enough to be the media. You have to be the best media your fans have the option of seeing in their respective streams.

You don’t need good content. You need great content.

And if you are having trouble figuring out how to produce that, drop us a line.

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