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How “Going Viral” Can Be Made Easier

Once a company is convinced they should be leveraging digital marketing and social media for business, the inevitable next focal point for them is to want to “go viral.” But virality is less science (formulaic and predictable) and more art (dependent on audience reaction).

You can’t make viral. You can only make content you hope will become viral one the audience gets hold of it.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t create viral potential. On my recent trip to Greece, I stayed at the Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens. It’s rooftop bar and restaurant faces south toward the Acropolis and offers an incredible view of the ancient monument.

The Selfie SpotAnd in a little alcove beside the bar — the closest point to the Acropolis the space offers — the Grande Bretagne has both a floor mat and sign indicating the alcove is a “Selfie Spot.” It’s not a “Photo Opportunity” or “Picture Spot.” It is a “Selfie Spot.”

With a cost no more than a sign and floor mat, the Grande Bretagne created consistent virality from assets it already had: It’s view.

Granted, there’s little chance your business has a picturesque view of an historic monument. Perhaps you don’t have retail traffic. But the example is not one you should just try and replicate. It is one that reinforces the fact that often, simplicity is better than deep strategic thinking.

How can you capitalize on your owned assets to build consistent chances at virality? It’s worth pondering.

We’d be happy to ponder with you. Drop us a line at Elasticity and let’s chat!

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  1. What a great concept!

    11 years ago, I was taking a selfie at an incredible restaurant in Maui. A server saw us and asked if we would like him to take one of us. Then he took us to ‘his favorite spot’ to catch a bit of the sunset over the vast Pacific behind us.

    Such moments can make profound memories and are great to share.

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