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I Poop In Toilet for CafePress

As the inventor of social media, I was recently asked to do something uncomfortable — but not altogether unique for my tastes — for our new client at CafePress in introducing their new 2.0 online platform.

You see, as retail e-commerce continues to change, you’re seeing big and small brands more deeply leveraging social networks. Virgin America leveraged a one-day flash sale on Twitter leading to one of the top five sales days in company history, and startups like Bark Box receive a third of their website traffic and half of their sales from Facebook. Pinterest for a lot of women’s retailers = HUGE.

Anyone who knows CafePress understands they were at the front-end of the retail e-commerce movement in the late ’90s, but much has changed since then.  So now they are working to leverage social networks to improve the personalization shopping experience and reward quality designers who submit designs. They just unveiled 2.0, leveraging social signals like “likes” (Facebook), comments and follows to push quality designs to the top of the product search; financially rewarding designers whose content is most frequently organically shared across social networks; and integrating a dynamic news stream (the first of its kind in the e-commerce space) that enables designers to interact, post, tag, feature and promote designs while also tracing these interactions.

Welcome to 2.0.

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