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ISO Digital Marketing Intern

Are you a digitally savvy college student looking to increase your knowledge in digital marketing? Going to school in St. Louis and want to learn from the best and brightest in the business? Elasticity is looking for social media and paid media interns for this Fall. Could you be one of them?

So who is Elasticity and why should you care? Headquartered in St. Louis with offices in Louisville, Chicago and Connecticut, Elasticity is a disruptive integrated marketing agency excelling in digital content marketing. Since leaving big agencies and opening our doors in January of 2009, Elasticity and its team have worked with innovative brands of all sizes, including Rawlings, Charter Communications, Fireball Whisky, CafePress and more.

If you think you have the enthusiasm, social media prowess and desire to be part of a team – and the team part, that’s important – please message us via Facebook/Twitter, smoke signals, video tape yourself doing karate moves and hope we find it, or just email us at RobotOverlord@GoElastic.com.

Estimated hours per week would be 15-20 hours. This internship is only for course credit.

QUALIFICATIONS (not necessarily required, but preferred):

  • College level junior or senior in marketing related field of study with a passion for digital marketing.
  • Understanding of basic functionality and usage of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Comfortable and/or proficient in using Microsoft Excel and dealing with numbers.
  • Ability to throw a curved pokeball with precision.
  • Commitment to grammatical and mathematical accuracy.
  • Passionate about staying up to date with the hottest trends in digital and pop culture. There is a daily quiz.

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