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Let Artificial Intelligence Moderate Your Social Comments

Using artificial intelligence (AI) seems like an expensive pipe dream for some businesses, but one company is putting the tech to use AI to moderate their social comments into the hands of organizations large and small. SmartModeration is a new software platform that uses AI and machine learning to understand how you moderate your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube comments; it can then be set to do it automatically.

The platform is perfect for consumer-facing brands, government organizations, educational institutions, media outlets and religious organizations that want to ensure their comment streams maintain some form of decorum. It not only learns your tolerance for foul or questionable language, but it can also understand the types of comments you consider to be spam, advertisements and the like.

Think of it as an Akismet service that gets better, then takes over for you.

I chatted with co-founder Ciler Ay Tek last week. She says the tool currently works for your owned media properties on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; WordPress is soon to go live, and their API can be leveraged to wire into any owned website or app.

So, anywhere you have the opportunity for the public to comment or engage but want to keep it clean — e-commerce sites, customer forums, etc. — you can use SmartModeration and bring AI to bear to help your business.

The better news is that it’s affordable. SmartModeration licensing runs $49 per month per social channel. That might be pricey for a very small business, but it is certainly not an issue for a brand that has a problem with comment control.

And that price is good for individuals as well as businesses, so artists, bands, influencers and celebrities with the need can afford the investment. Once the channels you need it for hit 10 or more, there are price breaks, too.

So, AI doesn’t have to be a pipe dream or cost prohibitive. It can be put to use right now to help automate and streamline your social moderation. You can find it online at SmartModeration.com.

If you need help with your comment moderation or community management, drop Elasticity a line. We’d love to help!

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