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LinkedIn Removing Products & Services Tab from Company Pages

LinkedIn recently announced they would be retiring their Products & Services tab from company Pages, effective April 14, 2014. Historically, companies used this feature to showcase key products and services and drive potential customers into the purchase path. In the interim, companies will not be able to add any new features to this tab, but the tab will stay live.

Options for Companies

Two options exist for companies to showcase their key products and services:

Company Updates

LinkedIn would prefer you use company updates to share product and services news and information. As more individuals and companies share content, they are able to encourage users to spend more time on the site and visit more frequently. In addition, LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates ad unit allows them to drive ad revenue.

Elasticity recommends using company updates announcements and somewhat regular product messages. Avoid pushing too much sales messaging through updates or risk turning off followers in the community. If you have a key update to share, you can always select to ‘Feature this update,’ in essence pinning it to the top of your company Page for all visitors to easily see.

Showcase Pages

LinkedIn’s relatively new feature called Showcase Pages focus on building a dedicated community around a product or service.

Because Showcase Pages fragment your audience, Elasticity recommends only using Showcase Pages for large product offerings that can stand alone, without a company name. For example, a successful Showcase Page is Microsoft’s Office Page. Because Microsoft has a diverse product offering and Office users may want to interact only with other Office users, the Page is successful.

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