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Mary Meeker’s Amazing Stats about the Internet and the Future of Mobile

Several times a year Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley’s head of global technology research, delivers a presentation about Internet trends. This time, at a Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, she focused on the issues that have gotten the attention of everyone in the technology space: global and mobile.

The facts she reported are nothing short of astonishing, and reflect the incredible growth of ecommerce around the world and how mobile devices have so quickly become the devices of choice to conduct that business. The presentation is a reminder of our position in this world: as Americans, we are playing a central role in creating a lot of the technology and products in this space, but the rest of the world is rapidly adopting them to their lives.

Take a look at this top-level set of amazing facts from her presentation:

  • In the last three years, China added more Internet users than exist in all of the U.S.
  • The amount of time U.S. users spend on social media is considerably less than much of the rest of the world. We spend an average of 6.8 hours per month while Russians spend almost 10 hours and Israelis spend 11.1 hours.
  • From a near-standing start, mobile devices are generating significant traffic for many social sites: Pandora gets 60% of its traffic from mobile, Twitter 55% of its traffic, and Google’s mobile queries are four times what they were in 2007.
  • While the iPod and iPhone sold well upon introduction, the iPad is selling at an almost unprecedented level for a new technology product sold by only one company. Meanwhile, Android phones are outselling iPhones almost four to one.
  • While consumers spend only 8% of their time on print publications, advertisers are spending 27% of their budgets on print advertising. Meanwhile, consumers are spending 25% of their time on Internet and 8% on mobile devices.
  • 200 million farmers in India receive government payments via mobile devices.
  • 250 of the Fortune 1000 companies have launched mobile ad campaigns.
  • Target now generates more than $1.5 billion from mobile sales.

Stay tuned, marketers. This is only the beginning of a mobile, global market with lots of opportunities for connections with consumers in ways we can only guess at.

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