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Next uprising? Look to the mobile phones

Stat of the day: Eqypt’s cellphone penetration exploded in ’09-’10, going from 52.2% of all citizens in Dec. 2008 to 80.8% in Sept. 2010. At the same time, its Internet penetration is still pretty low, at 24.3% in ’09.

So, considering that the revolution was driven by cellphones and Twitter accessed through them, who else is moving in this direction in the Arab world?
– Libya 148% cellphone penetration
– Algeria 85.7%
– Yemen about 25%
– Tunisia about 85%

Here’s some other countries:
– UAE 233%
– Bahrain 177%
– Russia 163%
– Lithuania 152%
– U.S. 91%
– China 56%

It may be more about growth than full penetration. The countries where cellphones grow quickly like Egypt may be where the action in is in the coming years.

Watch for it.

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